Join the Colorado LEAD Coalition: Promoting A Public Health and Harm Reduction Approach to Drug Use and Mental Health

On May 26th, 2017 Governor Hickenlooper signed the 2017-2018 Long Appropriations Bill into law, finalizing the Colorado state budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1st

This budget includes an annual $2.5 million allocation from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund for the Department of Human Services to fund up to four LEAD pilot programs over three years.

The Department of Human Services, under advisement from the Drug Policy Alliance, is currently developing the request for proposals (RFP) for jurisdictions who are interested in this funding. The request should be public sometime this summer. In the meantime, Drug Policy Alliance invites you to learn more about LEAD and how this funding opportunity may benefit your community.  

Join the Colorado LEAD Coalition now to learn more about how to potentially bring LEAD to your community.

What is LEAD?

LEAD is a pre-booking (no arrest or fingerprinting takes place) diversion program model designed to bolster access to supportive wraparound services and reduce the role of the criminal justice system in the management of substance use-related problems.

LEAD is a positive avenue to reform punitive drug enforcement culture and is empirically shown to reduce recidivism, save money and improve police/community relations. It is being successfully implemented in various cities across the country including SeattleSanta FeAlbany and, most recently, Baltimore.

The new budget provision in Colorado creates the opportunity for jurisdictions in our state to adopt this innovative model. After a request for proposal process up to four Colorado localities will be chosen to pilot LEAD over a three year period.

Get Involved

Now that the FY17-18 state budget has been signed into law, Drug Policy Alliance is committed to informing the public throughout the state about this innovative funding opportunity, promoting education about LEAD and the pending RFP process, and supporting Coloradans who believe that a LEAD pilot program could potentially benefit their community.

Join the Colorado LEAD Coalition to learn more about how you, your agency/organization and locality can potentially take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Potential ways to get involved include:

  • Hosting or helping organize a free community forum to educate my jurisdiction about LEAD
  • Hosting a free educational workshop for your agency/organization to learn more about LEAD
  • Sharing information about this opportunity with specific local leaders, officials, law enforcement and/or social service organizations
  • Engaging in direct action
  • Receiving additional background  materials about LEAD and the RFP process

Join the Colorado LEAD Coalition now.