New York Marijuana Arrests Campaign Videos

Watch these powerful video testimonials to learn about how the NYPD’s illegal marijuana arrest policy has impacted some of the over 50,000 people every year that are falsely charged and arrested for marijuana possession, and how you can help put an end to these egregious police practices.


New York State decriminalized private possession of small amounts of marijuana in 1977 in order to preserve scarce police resources and prevent needless criminalization. Under this law, possession should be treated as a violation, like a traffic ticket. Possession in public view is a misdemeanor. Instead of charging people with the violation, police are illegally searching people and mischarging them with the misdemeanor possession of small amounts of marijuana in public view. This is now the number one arrest in New York City – an outcome of controversial and unlawful NYPD practices like stop-and-frisk and quotas.

Mass Criminalization
Wasteful Spending