Office of Academic Engagement – Events

Conferences and Convenings

To date, OAE has hosted four conferences and three convenings across the nation highlighting current drug use trends, harm reduction needs, research challenges, and cross-cutting policy reform issues. These events have been attended by hundreds of attendees and have served to move forward conversations about research, harm reduction, and drug policy reform.

The convenings have brought together researchers, academics, and people who use drugs to discuss research ethics, limitations of the current research environment, and strategies to better harmonize research measures. The conferences have highlighted cutting edge research while also uplifting the voices of people most impacted by the drug war. Recent conferences have focused on New Psychoactive Substances, explored the racialized impact of the drug war, highlighted harm reduction for stimulant drug use, and promoted strategies to address the overdose crisis in upstate New York

Past Conferences

Drug Use in Upstate New York: Strategies for Change and Reducing the Harms – Binghamton, NY – May 2018

Stimulant Use: Harm Reduction, Treatment, and Future Directions – Los Angeles, CA – September 2017

White Faces Black Lives Conference – New York, NY – October 2016

New Strategies for New Psychoactive Substances: A Public Health Approach – New York, NY – June 2016

Past Convenings

Ethics, Expertise, and Experience Meeting – New York, NY – February 2018

Safe Consumption Site Data Harmonization Convening – Dallas, TX – January 2018

UnBounded Knowledge: Envisioning a New Future for Drug Policy Research – Washington, DC – December 2017

Monthly Drug Researchers' Roundtables in NYC

Drug Policy Alliance's Office of Academic Engagement and SUNY-Stonybrook present the Drug Researchers’ Roundtable, a monthly meeting for academics and researchers in the field of drug policy, criminology, and addiction and related fields to present their work to fellow New York based scholars, academics, researchers, and drug policy advocates.

Researchers will be selected to briefly present on current research and engage in open discussion with the participants, to cultivate interdisciplinary conversations, foster a space for sharing information and feedback on research, while deepening knowledge and expertise of those working within drug policy. You can follow along with the hashtag #DrugResearchersRT.

Upcoming Roundtables

Where Medicine is Contraband: Examining the Use of Buprenorphine in Jails and Prisons – New York, NY – November 2018

Past Roundtables

New Interventions for Young Adults in NYC Using Opioids – New York, NY – October 2018

Addicted to Christ: Remaking Men in Puerto Rican Pentecostal Drug Ministries – New York, NY – September 2018

That Other Opioid Epidemic: Documenting the History of the Opioid Crisis in New York's Puerto Rican and Latinx Communities – New York, NY – May 2018

Drug Politics, Pariahs, and Political Subjects: Historiographical Notes Toward a Harm Reduction of Color Critique – New York, NY – April 2018

The Limits of Police Reform – New York, NY – March 2018

Naloxone as a Technology of Solidarity in the History of Opioid Overdose and Overdose Prevention – New York, NY – February 2018

Quarterly Briefings by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of Academic Engagement hosts quarterly briefings where the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will share new research, in order to facilitate more conversations between researchers, policy advocates, and service providers.

Past Briefings

Overdose Deaths in New York City: Shifting Demographics and New Responses – New York, NY – October 2018

Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) Initiative and the South Bronx – New York, NY – April 2018

Responding to Fentanyl in New York City – New York, NY – July 2018