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Help end the war on drugs by letting your representatives, family, and friends know that you stand for drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights.

Current Action Alerts

The CARERS Act is the first-ever bill in the U.S. Senate to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Bernard Noble is serving 13 years of hard labor for the possession of two joints in Louisiana. Sign our petition calling on Governor Jindal to grant him executive clemency.

The Veterans Equal Access Act would allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to veterans.

End the perverse incentives that federal laws give police departments to seize property from innocent citizens.

Tell Congress: Protect Marijuana Legalization from Federal Interference

Activist Toolkits

Want to spread the word and build the movement to end the war on drugs? Our activist toolkits provide talking points and other basic tools to help you advocate for change. 

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Latest Victories

Medical Marijuana in New York

In June 2014, New York became the 23rd state with a medical marijuana law. DPA's New York policy office worked with allies across the state to bring the voices of patients, providers and caregivers to the legislature and governor's office. The bill passed and was signed despite significant opposition from leaders in Albany. Although the bill has limitations, if implemented well and quickly could help thousands of New Yorkers with serious illnesses and debilitating conditions.