Alexandrea Hatcher

Research Coordinator

Alexandrea Hatcher is the research coordinator for the Office of Academic Engagement. She supports the OAE’s work to engage scholars, researchers and experts in the field and to strengthen the Drug Policy Alliance’s use of research in advancing policy positions. She also convenes scholars in efforts to advance drug policy reform.

Alex comes with a wide array of experience, ranging from youth outreach services, advocacy, and research, to providing direct services for people in recovery. While pursuing her master’s degree in social work, she split her field-work between direct services and research. She worked on multiple research projects with two experts in the field of addiction research and is in the process of finishing a manuscript for peer review. This rewarding experience further motivated her to bridge the gap between academia, direct services, and policy to give people who use drugs better life chances. As a child from a community fraught with injustices and as a former treatment provider, she has seen and heard firsthand the horrors of policies that rely on incarceration rather than humanization.

Alex earned her B.A. in sociology with a double major in women’s and gender studies from the University of California, Davis in 2013. She then completed her master’s degree at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work in 2016.

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