Alyssa Stryker

Criminal Justice Reform Manager

Alyssa Stryker joined DPA in 2016 as criminal justice reform manager. In this role, she collaborates with colleagues to coordinate DPA’s criminal justice-related research and advocacy work. She helped manage an internal process to generate a multi-year criminal justice reform strategy to guide DPA’s drug decriminalization efforts, and works to ensure that criminal justice policy and advocacy campaigns across the organization are strategic, coordinated, and maximally efficient. She plays a leading role in DPA’s work on the criminalization of drug selling and distribution, and was the point person on DPA’s recently released “Rethinking the ‘Drug Dealer’” project.

Prior to joining DPA, Alyssa oversaw the casework portfolio at the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) in Vancouver, Canada. In this role, she worked to integrate community concerns about policing and the criminalization of poverty into the BCCLA's organization-wide policy development. Through this work she saw firsthand that the best policies are made with directly impacted people at the table.

Alyssa holds an MA in Human Geography from the University of British Columbia and a BA (Honors) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, but has learned just as much from those outside academia as she has from those within it.

Criminal Justice Reform Strategy