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Always Grab the Mic

Tony Newman

Earlier this week we got a call from the Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor” asking us to go on and debate former drug czar, John Walters about a recent op-ed penned by Drug Policy Alliance board member, George Soros.

I know many groups refuse to go on the show because they feel it is a set up to be a punching bag for the host.

But my philosophy is to always grab the microphone.

We will go on any show, any time and deliver our message. DPA’s managing director of communications, Sharda Sekaran, answered the call and went on the show.

While it was hard to know whether to laugh or cry when the host Laura Ingraham basically accused Sharda of wanting to give heroin and meth to kids, Sharda’s skillful performance in an adversarial environment confirms my belief that we should always show up for the debate.

You can’t win the battles that you don’t fight.

Check out the interview and watch Sharda go head to head with Walters and Ingraham.

Tony Newman is the director of media relations for Drug Policy Alliance.

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