Black Drug Policy History

Each February in honor of Black History Month, the Drug Policy Alliance seeks to raise awareness about the significant and far-reaching roles that Black authors, activists and movement builders have played and continue to play in drug policy reform.

By Kirsten West Savali
What is the color of pain? Is it the color of red blood spilling onto concrete? Is it green like the dirty money folded into the back pockets of politicians who would rather incarcerate black youths than educate them?… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so, too, does the realization that black and brown, poor and working-class communities most harmed by the so-called war on drugs do not have access to this new gold rush. The… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
The U.S. injustice system is not broken. It is working exactly as it was intended to work, which is primarily in the service and protection of privileged white people who have enough money to escape the legal consequences of… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
The so-called war on drugs was created to target black, brown, poor and working-class communities, those communities that have borne the brunt of institutionalized, systemic, white supremacist violence. John Ehrlichman,… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
In 1981, Susan Burton’s 5-year-old son, her baby, ran into the street outside their home in South Los Angeles and was killed when a Los Angeles police officer struck him with his car. And he kept going. “The… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
What does it mean to reduce the harm of white supremacy? How can we, as a society, look beyond drug abuse as an illness and reckon with anti-black oppression, punishment and capitalism as the cruelest addictions in this… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
Drug policy is race policy. To honor drug-policy reformers on the front lines, this Black History Month, the Drug Policy Alliance, in partnership with The Root, is bringing you the stories of four phenomenal people who have… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
The Visionary: Kassandra Frederique Crack babies, welfare queens, superpredators, thugs. That’s what they call us; those are the lies they tell about us. The war on drugs—a war on the most vulnerable and… Read More
By Kassandra Frederique
She carries the name of the two women that she loves the most, her godmother and her grandmother, her name is Gloria Rosaline Preudhomme. Her work with the Institute of the Black World is a testament to her commitment to end… Read More
By asha bandele
Tina Glasgow, the mother of prominent drug policy reformer, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, talks to DPA about how she became a drug policy reformer. Approximately 16 miles north of Florida and 20 miles west of Georgia, tucked… Read More