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A Don’t-miss Podcast on What the WA and CO Votes Could Mean for U.S. Drug Policy

Megan Farrington

One of the best radio shows around is the Kojo Nnamdi Show on DC’s local NPR station. Kojo speaks knowledgeably about an incredible range of topics, and always manages to find thoughtful guests. A few days ago he turned his attention to the marijuana legalization votes in Washington and Colorado, and talked with Benjamin Wallace-Wells, a contributing editor for New York Magazine and Rolling Stone who has covered the war on drugs, and economist and public policy professor Peter Reuter from the University of Maryland about what it all means.

Wallace-Wells expressed what many of us working to reform drug policy have sensed:
I last wrote broadly about the war on drugs five years ago, and then there were a few people who would say the war on drugs is a failure, but they tended to be either very liberal or very committed libertarians. You know, they tended to have long hair and unconventional ties. What's happened in the last five years is that you've started to see with much more frequency that single phrase, the war on drugs has failed, coming up much closer to the political mainstream.
The conversation ranged from sentencing policies to the implications in Mexico. It’s almost an hour long but totally worth your time. The link to listen is in the top left corner of this page. And here’s the podcast.