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The Truth About Marijuana

Amanda Reiman

The phrase “government cover-up” means different things to different people. For some, it conjures up images of military action, for others, thoughts turn to GMOs, and for others banking and Wall Street are foremost in their minds.

However, for more than 40 years, another cover-up has loomed over the U.S. keeping us mired in harmful consequences while ignoring promising science.

That cover-up is the truth about marijuana.

This cover-up is dangerous for two reasons. First, the over-exaggeration of the harms associated with using marijuana has resulted in lengthy prison terms, the destruction of families and communities, and unwarranted stigma that prevents educational, occupational and personal fulfillment via egregious sanctions.

Second, the refusal of the government to acknowledge the science around the therapeutic potential of the plant calls into the question the number of lives that could have been saved had research not been stymied, and how many people could be living a better quality of life if marijuana was taken seriously as a treatment option throughout the medical profession.

In his article, The Latest Cannabis Discoveries That the Federal Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About, Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, reviews the travesty that is the U.S. marijuana policy by calling attention to the divergence between science and policy, stating, “Scientific evaluations of cannabis and the health of its consumers have never been more prevalent. Studies are now published almost daily rebuking the federal government’s allegations that the marijuana plant is a highly dangerous substance lacking any therapeutic utility. Yet, virtually all of these studies – and, more importantly, their implications for public policy – continue to be ignored by lawmakers.” Armentano takes to task the link between marijuana smoking and lung cancer, while highlighting promising new research suggesting that marijuana might play an important role in treating HIV, diabetes and PTSD. After more than four decades of propaganda, Armentano is shining a mega-watt light on the truth. Read more of his article here.


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