Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Michelle Wright
Yesterday's executive orders are yet another example of President Trump’s fear mongering; using falsehoods, misinformation and coded rhetoric to push through his extreme and intolerant agenda. The Drug Policy… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
Drug policy is race policy. To honor drug-policy reformers on the front lines, this Black History Month, the Drug Policy Alliance, in partnership with The Root, is bringing you the stories of four phenomenal people who have… Read More
By Theshia Naidoo
During a brief meeting with sheriffs where President Trump was apparently introduced to the complex subject of civil asset forfeiture, he offered to destroy the career of the Texas State Senator seeking to reform the system… Read More
By Roseanne Scotti
In these challenging times, it is important to celebrate our victories in the fields of criminal justice, civil rights and racial justice.  So I want to share the great news about the first full month of New Jersey… Read More
By Kirsten West Savali
The Visionary: Kassandra Frederique Crack babies, welfare queens, superpredators, thugs. That’s what they call us; those are the lies they tell about us. The war on drugs—a war on the most vulnerable and… Read More
By Armando Gudiño
What does a multi-billion dollar mistake look like? He looks like a 70 year-old demagogue politician who occupies the White House. And it appears we will have a big-ass wall to remind us of it. If President Donald Trump… Read More
By Ethan Nadelmann
Dear DPA'ers: The time has come for me to step aside as executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. This is just about the toughest decision I've ever made but it feels like the right time for me personally and… Read More
By Tony Newman
Tomorrow, Barack Obama’s historic presidency will come to an end. It is hard to believe that he will no longer be our President. I have both smiled and wiped away tears when watching President Obama’s farewell… Read More
By Eunisses Hernandez and Cat Packer
On November 8, 2016, Californians took a major step towards ending the war on drugs and repairing some of the damage inflicted on people’s lives by marijuana prohibition, by passing Proposition 64, the Adult Use of… Read More
By Eunisses Hernandez
A report released this week by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, finds that in the first full year after the passage of Proposition 47: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, felony drug arrests fell by over 92,… Read More