Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Hannah Hetzer
Last week, world leaders gathered in New York for the most significant international drug policy meeting in almost two decades, the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS). The last UNGASS took… Read More
By Avinash Tharoor
More than 1,000 international leaders – prominent in the fields of politics, health, academics and entertainment – have publicly called for a “new global response to drugs,” in advance of an upcoming… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
Last month, the internet erupted in outrage over a decades old quote from an official in the Nixon administration that gained a new moment in the spotlight when it was featured in a cover story in Harper’s Magazine.… Read More
By Laura Krasovitzky
“For a long time, we have been worrying about the harms produced by psychoactive substances, but not enough about the illicit drug market. My proposal is that we need to fight to decriminalize all psychoactive… Read More
By Tony Newman
There is an overdose crisis in the United States. More people are now dying from overdose deaths than from car accidents. Overdose has become an issue that is being talked about at all levels of government and just last week… Read More
By Laura Krasovitzky
“We are all constantly threatened. We are all criminalized and targeted; but for us, love for our struggle is love for life and that’s what keeps us going.” As Marleny Reyes, an organizer with the Civic… Read More
By Daniel Abrahamson
The U.S.-led war on drugs and U.S.-shaped international drug policies are being scrutinized and debated this month by governments from around the globe as the world’s countries prepare to gather in mid-April for the… Read More
By Kevin Franciotti
The global community of drug policy reformers can breathe a small sigh of relief this week after it was revealed that the enactment of the world’s most absurdly expansive drug law has been delayed. The United Kingdom… Read More
By John Hay
This past Tuesday, I had the honor of joining a great team of community activists to deliver more than 30,000 petition signatures to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky office urging him to let the Senate vote on the… Read More
By Julie Netherland
As policymakers weigh “what to do about drugs,” they almost always focus on the potential harms of drugs and almost never on the harms of our drug policies themselves. But earlier today an esteemed group of… Read More