Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Derek Rosenfeld
Today, the DEA announced that it was not rescheduling marijuana. Earlier this year it was reported that the DEA was considering rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, a move that would have shown the federal… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
In the past few weeks, a spate of horrific killings have taken place across the Philippines. Murders of people who use drugs, people who sell drugs, and people who have simply been assumed to do either. No trials, no due… Read More
By Eunisses Hernandez
Last month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the 2016-17 state budget, which included two DPA sponsored budget requests: $3 million for community-based naloxone distribution and $15 million to establish up to three Law… Read More
By Emily Kaltenbach
Bucking the national trend toward progressive reform, the Albuquerque Police Department recently doubled down on its aggressive policing of minor drug offenses. Recently, the department arrested seven men – six of whom… Read More
By Suchitra Rajagopalan
Every individual has a fundamental right to health, regardless of age, race, gender, income, or nationality. This important human right is intimately connected to our understanding of a life in dignity because it is in good… Read More
By Julie Netherland
This morning New Yorkers awoke to news in the New York Times and New York Post that on Tuesday dozens of people in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn had severe reactions to a batch of K2, a commonly used name for synthetic… Read More
By Art Way
It’s not hard to make the simple argument that Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were murdered by the police because they were black.  The lack of de-escalation employed in these tragic events is mind boggling… Read More
By Anthony Papa
President Rodrigo Duterte, the new leader of the Philippines is out of his mind. His method in solving the drug war is simple, curb demand and supply by killing off drug dealers. What if he continues his madness and wipes… Read More
By Camila Ruiz Segovia
Last week, Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, and Timoleon Jimenez, the top leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country’s largest guerrilla group, announced a historic… Read More
By Chris Alexander
Gov. John Kasich recently signed into law Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program, making Ohio the 25th state to implement its own medical marijuana laws. The program, like many others across the country, is heavily regulated… Read More