Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Laura Krasovitzky and Ted Lewis
Twenty-two days, five countries, one message: end the drug war. Starting in Honduras on March 28th, the Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice will travel through El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States with the… Read More
By Anthony Papa
Activists have fought hard for many years to free Larry Yarbrough. Their prayers were answered when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin granted Yarbrough executive clemency earlier this month. Several years ago, I wrote about… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
Earlier this week, the drug policy field was set ablaze with Harper’s Magazine cover page story, “Legalize It All: How to win the war on drugs,” a cutting narration of U.S. drug policies, past and present,… Read More
By Amanda Bent
After relocating to Denver last month, I soon noticed a flurry of articles in local and national media suggesting that marijuana is increasingly driving Colorado visitors to hospitals. Other than feeling vaguely relieved to… Read More
By Alex Carr
Last month, U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) introduced the No More Money Bail Act of 2016. This bill would prohibit the use of money bail at the federal level and deny states access to Byrne Justice Assistance Grant funds… Read More
By asha bandele
On April 17th, the eve of the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS), scholars and activists will participate in a one-day symposium and strategy session that highlights the connection between the… Read More
By Armando Gudiño
A recent California poll shows that a clear majority of Californians support legalizing marijuana. The poll, conducted by Probolsky Research, found that nearly 60 percent of Californians polled would vote yes to a ballot… Read More
By Tony Newman
Nancy Reagan, the former first lady and widow of President Ronald Reagan died on Sunday in California at age 94. Front pages around the world are remembering her life. The stories all talk about the powerful love between… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
I really thought this was going to be a celebratory blog post. This past Tuesday, on March 1, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously not to ban EDM events and instead adopt a series of health and… Read More
By Jag Davies
With overdose death rates more than doubling in the U.S. since 2000, we need to be examining every possible avenue to save lives and reduce the harms of drug misuse and addiction. Two medicinal plants, kratom and iboga, have… Read More