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By Tony Newman
Prince Ea — hip hop artist, activist and founder of Make SMART Cool — has just released a remake of his brilliant music video urging President Obama to end our country’s disastrous war on marijuana. This… Read More
By Amanda Bent
Last week was exciting for folks (nerds?) like me who are interested in the public health implications of marijuana policy reform, especially those of us in Colorado. With the long-awaited release of the 2015 Healthy Kids… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
Every year at the end of June, on the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, governments around the world re-commit themselves to eradicating drug use and trafficking worldwide.… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
Former President Richard Nixon officially declared a “war on drugs” 45 years ago today. His primary motivation was to go after anti-war protesters and black people. It doesn’t get clearer than this frank… Read More
By Camila Ruiz Segovia
Last week, the Open Society Foundations published a ground-breaking report, “Undeniable Atrocities”, which accuses the Mexican government of committing crimes against humanity during Mexico’s Drug War. The… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
Festival season is underway and sadly, we’ve already seen headlines about drug-related deaths. This summer, there’s a unique opportunity to do something to help prevent these deaths: join DPA’s #… Read More
By Chris Alexander
In the last week, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton has been in the news twice because of his flawed stance on marijuana enforcement. The attention stems from Bratton’s crediting of marijuana with rising violence in… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
Today would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, and so as we celebrate his life and musical contributions, I wonder how this tragedy could have been prevented, how we, as advocates for compassionate and health-based drug… Read More
By Kevin Franciotti
The toxicology results from music legend Prince’s tragic death last month are now public, and the media are  focusing on what for many is a new word – fentanyl. It appears likely that Prince ingested it and… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
With the growing acknowledgement of the use of psychedelics for medical, therapeutic or sacred uses, it may feel easier to “come out” about your personal use of these substances. But if you’ve ever used… Read More