Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Stefanie Jones
With the growing acknowledgement of the use of psychedelics for medical, therapeutic or sacred uses, it may feel easier to “come out” about your personal use of these substances. But if you’ve ever used… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
Hakeem Brown is unique. In the state of California, where black owned cannabis businesses are rare, Hakeem Brown owned and managed a licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Vallejo from 2009-2012, when it was shut down as… Read More
By Kevin Franciotti
On Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on novel psychoactive substances (NPS), focusing on synthetic cannabinoids (aka “Spice,” “K2,” etc.), cathinones (aka “Bath Salts… Read More
By Jag Davies
Never before has the ground been more fertile for a shift in national and international drug policies. As detailed in the Drug Policy Alliance’s latest Annual Report, the drug policy reform movement is fast maturing.… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
Starting left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, Eugene Monroe has become a leading voice calling on the NFL to adopt a more rational marijuana policy. Yesterday, he launched a new Facebook page and website to support… Read More
By Julie Netherland
A few years ago Nicholas Kristof, an op ed writer for the New York Times, penned an opinion piece titled Professors, We Need You! Nowhere is this truer than in drug policy where scientific evidence seems to have little… Read More
By Tamar Todd
If you care about protecting the environment, if you care about raising revenue for the state, if you care about protecting young people, if you care about communities harmed by our past drug policies, if you care about… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
Last week, world leaders gathered in New York for the most significant international drug policy meeting in almost two decades, the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS). The last UNGASS took… Read More
By Avinash Tharoor
More than 1,000 international leaders – prominent in the fields of politics, health, academics and entertainment – have publicly called for a “new global response to drugs,” in advance of an upcoming… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
Last month, the internet erupted in outrage over a decades old quote from an official in the Nixon administration that gained a new moment in the spotlight when it was featured in a cover story in Harper’s Magazine. The… Read More