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By asha bandele
Tina Glasgow, the mother of prominent drug policy reformer, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, talks to DPA about how she became a drug policy reformer. Approximately 16 miles north of Florida and 20 miles west of Georgia, tucked… Read More
By Anthony Papa
Michael Moore does a lot of traveling in his new documentary, “Where to Invade Next.” The film is eye-opening as Moore explores what it could be like to implement new ideas and policies in the U.S. Moore travels… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
A beautiful mix of micro-blog and documentary photography, Humans of New York has redefined and uplifted the power of compelling portraits coupled with personal stories. Over 16 million Facebook followers agree – the… Read More
By Kristen Maye
To be Black and a woman in the U.S. is a testament to the constant need for harm reduction in one’s life. Navigating the uneven terrain created by racism and sexism creates constant risk in the circumstances of one… Read More
By Christopher Soda
A year has passed since Ross Ulbricht, founder of Silk Road, was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. An appeal was filed last month by his lawyers, petitioning the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in NY for a… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
Filmmaker Michael Moore never shies from taking on tough issues and challenging the status quo. His latest film “Where to Invade Next” is a clever spoof of U.S. foreign policy that encourages our military leaders… Read More
By asha bandele
I first see her seven years ago, eyes brighter than the fluorescent lights of Broadway up the street from DPA-HQ.  She’s an intern, but she takes over.  All those pushy questions, and steady of her love for… Read More
By Kevin Franciotti
Last month, the government of the Brazilian state of São Paulo issued a statement that may signal the country’s path toward approving scientific research of psychoactive substances, including the medical use of… Read More
By Kassandra Frederique and Alyssa Aguilera
According to data just released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, New York City marijuana arrests in 2015 dropped to under 17,000 for the first time since 1996. The 16,590 arrests for low-level… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
At a time when the nation reflects and focuses on the history, contributions and lives of Black Americans, our recent International Drug Policy Reform Conference’s town hall presents a profoundly relevant conversation… Read More