Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Laura Krasovitzky
What if Oliver Sacks had been born 20 years later? Would he have been able to explore new avenues of neurochemical and psychiatric research to the extent that he did? Probably not... at least not legally, since a 20-year… Read More
By Joy Haviland
One of the countless myths underlying the war on drugs is that people who sell drugs are violent. We’re told in school, by the media, or by law enforcement that people who sell drugs, even marijuana, are aggressive… Read More
By Meagan Glaser
I spent the majority of my life hiding the reason behind my parents’ divorce. When kids at school asked why my dad wasn’t around, it was easier to say he left us and now lives up state rather than explain the… Read More
By Tony Newman
The United States’ longest, unwinnable war is the "war on drugs." Despite decades of arrests and locking up millions of Americans, politicians and PSA’s urging us to “Just Say No,” illegal drugs are still as available as… Read More
By Emma Bracy
Crack was used as a scapegoat for complex social problems — unemployment, poor education, lack of resources, violence, and the list goes on. It was easy to blame drugs for inner-city woes, which made the War On Drugs… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
It’s a story so awful that even though my job involves constantly reading news about drug war atrocities, I avoided this one for days.    Charnesia Corley has come forward about an incident that… Read More
By Michael Collins
It’s been five months since the historic medical marijuana bill – the CARERS Act – was introduced in the Senate, and as Congress enjoys its summer recess, it’s a good time to reflect on where the bill… Read More
By Daniel Robelo
The United States has reached a turning point in its epidemic of mass incarceration. A consensus is growing across the country – from the White House and both aisles of Congress to cities and states of all sizes… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
Dear Expert, I am a medical cannabis patient in Michigan and I use cannabis to treat painful neuropathy in my legs. I need to use cannabis every few hours to keep the pain levels down. I was working from home, which allowed… Read More