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By Emma Bracy
Crack was used as a scapegoat for complex social problems — unemployment, poor education, lack of resources, violence, and the list goes on. It was easy to blame drugs for inner-city woes, which made the War On Drugs… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
It’s a story so awful that even though my job involves constantly reading news about drug war atrocities, I avoided this one for days.    Charnesia Corley has come forward about an incident that… Read More
By Michael Collins
It’s been five months since the historic medical marijuana bill – the CARERS Act – was introduced in the Senate, and as Congress enjoys its summer recess, it’s a good time to reflect on where the bill… Read More
By Daniel Robelo
The United States has reached a turning point in its epidemic of mass incarceration. A consensus is growing across the country – from the White House and both aisles of Congress to cities and states of all sizes… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
Dear Expert, I am a medical cannabis patient in Michigan and I use cannabis to treat painful neuropathy in my legs. I need to use cannabis every few hours to keep the pain levels down. I was working from home, which allowed… Read More
By Art Way
Recently organizers in Denver attempted to recall Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.  The community was pushed to action by Morrissey’s inability to bring a hint of justice concerning police murders in… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
The timeline of cannabis use on earth is long and far reaching. For thousands of years, cannabis has been used across cultures, religions and geography as a medicine. Eaten, inhaled, or rubbed on the skin, our ancestors knew… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
The NYPD has been drumming up attention over the supposed dangers of “synthetic marijuana” – a class of cannabinoid chemicals typically sprayed over plant matter and packaged with names like “K2,… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
Your Dose of Pop is DPA’s contribution to a balanced media diet. We generally disseminate serious news about the serious disaster that is the drug war. However, a good deal of public opinion is shaped by the happenings… Read More
By Tony Newman
For some years now, Comedy Central and HBO have played a huge role in educating people about some of the most important issues of the day. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Larry Willmore and John Oliver are all… Read More