Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Tony Newman
For some years now, Comedy Central and HBO have played a huge role in educating people about some of the most important issues of the day. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Larry Willmore and John Oliver are all… Read More
By Jerónimo Saldaña
When I first shook hands with Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval this winter outside of the Mexican Consulate in NYC, images of my one of my favorite tios sprung to mind, creating an immediate sense of kinship towards the short,… Read More
By Roseanne Scotti
Mustafa Willis had a job and no criminal record.  After being arrested in Newark, he was forced to remain in jail for months because he could not afford to pay the amount of bail that was set for him.  While he was… Read More
By Bill Piper
On a recent policy call the new head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Chuck Rosenberg, said marijuana is probably less dangerous than heroin. He went on to say, “I’m not an expert.” First of… Read More
By Jerry Otero
As laws prohibiting marijuana become less punitive, the question, “What about the kids?” becomes more pressing to parents and other adults. We at the Drug Policy Alliance urge young people to abstain from alcohol… Read More
By Melissa Franqui
Stepping onto the advocacy stage in 2012 after producing the documentary “The House I Live In”, John Legend visited U.S. prisons, Portugal, and launched #FREEAMERICA, a multi-year culture campaign to change the… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
Two years ago, when marijuana was brought up to smear the reputation of Trayvon Martin, I wrote “In Order to Address Racism, We Must Confront the Drug War.” I said, “From clothing to intoxicants, what is… Read More
By Evelyn Miwa
To those who have not experienced it personally, stigma remains an essentially empty term, without the emotional distress, isolation, and barriers that are inextricably, yet sometimes privately, bound to it. Drug use and… Read More
By Megan Farrington
A horrific murder took place on D.C.’s Metro on the Fourth of July, when a young man attacked another passenger and stabbed him to death. It had those qualities that make us desperate for an explanation: It was… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
It was the typical conference setting, a brightly lit, very cold room with chairs arranged in rows in front of the stage. The crowd hurried to grab another dose of caffeine from the always-available coffee in the back of the… Read More