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By Jelani Hayes
Recently on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver delivered a great segment on the American prison system. One of the issues he addressed was the public’s apathy toward and alarming amusement by the occurrence of rape in… Read More
By Tony Newman
The New York Times made history last weekend when they became the first national paper to call for marijuana legalization. What makes the news so huge is not only their position, but the passion and space they are giving to… Read More
By Dr. Malik Burnett and Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW
Dear Docs: I have heard that marijuana use can lead to lower IQ, but I have also seen marijuana use help children with seizure disorders. I know that alcohol kills brain cells, is it true that marijuana also kills brain… Read More
By Audrey Berdahl-Baldwin
Last Monday, Bill O’Reilly included a segment on marijuana criminalization in his Fox News show. When I tuned in to watch Stephen Gutwillig, Deputy Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, speak in support of… Read More
By Tony Newman
The New York Times editorial board made history yesterday, as the first major national paper to call for an end to marijuana prohibition. And how they did it is half the story – with rare flash and panache, as well as… Read More
By Aaron Juchau
Most arguments in favor of prohibition don’t pass the smell test anymore, yet some of the more entrenched positions remain. Here is some perspective on these arguments, and why they’re plain wrong. 1. Prohibition… Read More
By Julie Netherland
Last week, nine year-old Anna Conte died after a long battle with a seizure disorder.  Anna and her family had been at the center of a successful fight to pass a medical marijuana law in New York.  Medical… Read More
By asha bandele and Jerónimo Saldaña
Perhaps the terrible truth of drug war violence will finally be addressed as all of America bore witness this summer to the horror of some 52,000 unaccompanied children who were fleeing devastating violence that had erupted… Read More
By Dr. Malik Burnett and Amanda Reiman, PhD MSW
*Editor’s note: In a new feature of the Drug Policy Alliance blog, DPA's Dr. Malik Burnett and Dr. Amanda Reiman will lend their expertise to answer your questions about marijuana every other Thursday. Dr. Malik Burnett,… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
Last year, I had an opportunity to travel to Iceland for the Airwaves Music Festival, when I tagged along with a fantastic group of “ambassadors” from the city of San Francisco. I fell absolutely in love with my… Read More