Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Jag Davies
The ground has never been more fertile for a change to our nation’s failed drug policies. We are seeing a broader questioning of America’s drug policy that fills our prisons and empties our coffers, that severely… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
As this summer's festival season approaches, there are two more things you need to be sure are on your prep list (in addition to vitals like picking out feather headdresses and investigating solar shower options for… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
On Friday, Uruguay released its long-anticipated regulations  accompanying the law that was signed into effect last December, which made Uruguay the first country in the world to legally regulate the… Read More
By Jeronimo Saldaña
Raza, it’s time we take our holiday back. For far too long, Cinco de “Drinko” has proliferated in cities all across America every 5th of May promoting racist caricatures of Mexicans and negating the actual… Read More
By Ethan Nadelmann
It’s time to end the United States’ exceptionalism when it comes to incarcerating its citizens. Our objective should be to make America average.  We need to re-join the family of civilized nations when it… Read More
By Julie Netherland
Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, the hugely popular Mayor of New York City in the 1930’s and 1940’s, was known for his leadership on the New Deal and his many public works. Less widely known is that he was also a leader… Read More
By Tamar Todd
The prosecution of pregnant women for drug use represents the unhappy convergence of the war on drugs and the war on reproductive rights. Like other failed policies of the war on drugs, the prosecution of pregnant women… Read More
By Yolande Cadore
In the wake of marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, advocates in the African American community are asking a very timely question: is there a role for African Americans in the emerging marijuana industry, an… Read More
By Anthony Papa
On Monday, a White House official  told the press that President Obama would be prepared to use his pardon power to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of people who have been jailed for… Read More
By Yolande Cadore
On Easter Sunday close to 1 billion Christians across the world will commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This Easter Sunday, I have decided to reflect on those who have been demonized and disparaged by… Read More