Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Anthony Papa
Locking people up for nonviolent drug crimes has become the way of life in the United States. Because of this, our prisons have become tremendously overcrowded and our criminal justice system is broken. To remedy this,… Read More
By Lynne Lyman
In the budget sausage-making process that culminated in a successful vote over the weekend, an amazing piece of meat (vegan or the real stuff) was produced in California. If approved by the governor, as expected, California… Read More
By Bill Piper
A piece in the Washington Post highlights the growing backlog of untested rape test kits that are sitting in police storage units while rapists run free and victims suffer.  Missing from the story, however, is one of… Read More
By Erin George
Too many veterans – experts estimate between 10 and 30 percent – suffer from PTSD, which can cause a range of horrible symptoms, including flashbacks, loss of emotional control and suicidal thinking. The… Read More
By Rick Doblin and Ethan Nadelmann
For four decades, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has systematically obstructed medical research and rejected scientific evidence. It’s increasingly clear that entrusting decisions involving medical science… Read More
By Yolande Cadore
Hundreds of faith leaders affiliated with more than 40 faith organizations, including Roman Catholics, Jews, Evangelical Protestants and Mainline Protestants signed onto a letter calling on Congress to support the Smarter… Read More
By Bill Piper
I've seen that a number of folks have raised some very good questions about the effectiveness of the Rohrabacher-Farr medical marijuana amendment that passed the U.S. House late last Thursday night. I thought I would… Read More
By Tony Newman
New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd just published a piece about her bad trip from marijuana edibles. Maureen describes eating a caramel-chocolate candy bar made with marijuana in her Colorado hotel room. Dowd admits to… Read More
By Jag Davies
Sasha Shulgin, who passed away Monday at the age of 88, was many things to many people. He was not just a pharmacologist, author, and medical chemist, but a pioneer in drug policy reform. Best known for introducing MDMA to… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
The multi-decade, trillion dollar waste that we call the drug war has become increasingly unpopular, with everyone from Nobel Prize winning economists to leaders from the religious and civil rights communities calling for… Read More