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By Anthony Papa
When it comes to the war on drugs, I thought I had seen it all. But I was shocked beyond belief when I read a story reported by ABC News about a high school student who suffered from Asperger's disorder and was arrested… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
The phrase “government cover-up” means different things to different people. For some, it conjures up images of military action, for others, thoughts turn to GMOs, and for others banking and Wall Street are… Read More
By Daniel Robelo
The Organization of American States (OAS) released an unprecedented report last Friday that presents the most high-level discussion of alternatives to drug prohibition in history. This report is a big deal. It’s the… Read More
By Heidi Knoblauch
If you've read the news lately, you might think the 'war on drugs' is coming to an end. Recently, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie signed a bill that would allow people who have overdosed and their friends… Read More
By Sharda Sekaran
You might be familiar with Reefer Madness, the drug war film from the 1930s that has become a cult classic because of its over-the-top scare tactics about marijuana. Generations have laughed at the film's cartoonish… Read More
By Marsha Rosenbaum
Mike Gray, who passed this week, was a prolific writer, producing screenplays, books, and documentaries. Right from the beginning of our movement, Mike was a major player in drug policy reform. His 1998 book, Drug Crazy:… Read More
By Christopher Soda
The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released its 2013 National Drug Control Strategy last week.  While the rhetoric focused on a public health approach, when you dig to the heart of the matter… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
President Obama made a joke about his marijuana use at last week's White House Correspondents' Dinner. It was just one joke, and it was actually pretty funny. But should President Obama, arguably history's… Read More
By Clovis Thorn
It’s your turn for your weekly Weight Watchers weigh in. You’re dreading it, remembering your kid’s birthday party and those other times when you busted your diet. You step on the scale. You’ve gained… Read More
By Amanda Reiman
In this week's "hypocrisy news," the federal government continues to deny the medical value of cannabis even in light of contrary claims by its own agency, the National Institute of Health. According to an… Read More