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By Daniel Robelo
The possession and home cultivation of marijuana became legal in Colorado this week, just as the latest in a series of polls was released showing sustained support for marijuana reform – and a strong majority… Read More
By Tommy McDonald
Washington is set to legalize the possession of marijuana for people 21 and older starting today. Colorado will follow suit once Governor Hickenlooper certifies the election results or by January 6, 2012, whichever comes… Read More
By Tommy McDonald
As Colorado and Washington prepare to implement their new voter-approved marijuana legalization laws, the ripple effects are already being felt. From how to handle pending marijuana arrest cases, to regulatory issues, the… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, hosted an “Ask me Anything” on Reddit on November 20th, 2012. He took questions from the public and answered them live for one hour. There… Read More
By Derek Rosenfeld
My whole family knows that I work for the Drug Policy Alliance and that my job means advocating for the removal of criminal penalties for drug use. Marijuana is often a topic of conversation at our family dinners, so since… Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance
In case you missed it: Jon Stewart takes issue with news anchors' lack of serious coverage when it comes to marijuana. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c Post-… Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance
DPA executive director, Ethan Nadelmann, discussed marijuana legalization with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television.  “This is not a pro pot vote. This was a vote for sensible regulation of this industry,… Read More
By Drug Policy Alliance
Ethan Nadelmann, DPA's executive director, says last night's victories in Colorado and Washington have set something big in motion: "These victories likely represent the beginning of the end of marijuana… Read More
By Jill Harris
There are six marijuana-related measures on state ballots this year: measures to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, measures to legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts and Arkansas… Read More
By Art Way
A report released today by the Marijuana Arrest Research Project revealed the extent of marijuana prohibition in Colorado and its devastating costs to our communities. In the last 25 years, 210,000 people were arrested… Read More