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By Bethany Perryman
“You are only as sick as your secrets,” we say. People in recovery from struggles with addiction know this line by heart. To be open and honest about my years of problematic substance use, and my 4 years of… Read More
By Bethany Perryman
The Senate is expected to vote on the American Health Care Act — Trumpcare — before the July 4th recess, or by the end of July. The AHCA is the Republicans' long-touted attempt to repeal and replace the… Read More
By Jessica Gelay
For more than two decades, New Mexico has suffered from a disproportionate rate of opioid overdoses compared to nearly every other state in the nation. Our families are traumatized as they continue to lose loved ones, and… Read More
By Eunisses Hernandez
I am what you call a policy wonk. I work to end the war on drugs and dismantle the criminal justice system through polices based on health and human rights. The best days in this work are when you pass a policy or law. It… Read More
By Derek Hodel
Last week, Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile, an African American man, during a traffic stop that took place last year. In an incident that shocked… Read More
By Jules Netherland
On June 12th, the esteemed, powerful, and generally staid America Medical Association came out in support of piloting safe injection facilities (SIFs), a truly encouraging sign that organization is ready to embrace research-… Read More
By Alyssa Stryker
The Monday edition of the New York Times featured a lengthy article highlighting the prominent role played by the police in responding to the current opioid crisis. In “When Opioid Addicts Find an Ally in Blue,”… Read More
By Roseanne Scotti
New Jersey is gearing up for an intense campaign for marijuana legalization. Senate Bill 3195 and Assembly Bill 4872, which would legalize marijuana in New Jersey, were recently introduced by Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (D-… Read More
By Theshia Naidoo
In two recent United States Supreme Court cases, Justices across the ideological spectrum cast a critical eye towards the current asset forfeiture system.   This week, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision… Read More
By Chiara Fontaine
I was sitting on a couch surrounded by my friends a few nights ago, when I was informed that many of the people in this crowded high school party were on “bars” – a nickname for Xanax – and had been… Read More