Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Jolene Forman
Last week, a U.S. District Court blocked federal prosecutors from pursuing a case against a California duo, Anthony Pisarski and Sonny Moore, who pleaded guilty to conspiring to manufacture and sell medical marijuana.… Read More
By Art Way
Oregon has recently joined a handful of other states to lower criminal penalties for drug possession in limited circumstances. Advocates, legislators and the governor in Oregon should be applauded for their efforts to create… Read More
By Megan Farrington
The drug war is a tool of racial oppression. We see this in racial disparities in arrest and incarceration rates for drug offenses that exist even though white people and people of color use and sell drugs at about the same… Read More
By Henry York
In 2012, Honduran police opened fire on a small passenger boat they thought carried drug traffickers. Instead, firing shots from both a police boat and a machine gun-equipped helicopter overhead, the police killed four… Read More
By Jessica Gelay
Racial and ethnic differences have been part of the fabric of the political and social fiber of the United States since it was established. The writers of the Constitution codified white racial superiority in the… Read More
By Cat Packer
*Editor's note: In this monthly blog series, the Drug Policy Alliance will examine the nexus between the war on drugs and law enforcement practices that result in the mass criminalization, incarceration and dehumanization of… Read More
By Sheila P. Vakharia
On May 31st, the AP announced over 200 changes to their Stylebook – including some guidance on how to write about addiction. Words like ‘addict’ and ‘abuser’ were to be avoided and replaced with… Read More
By Ami Kachalia
Last week marked fifty years since the Newark Rebellion. On July 12, 1967, Newark, NJ residents rose up in protest after John Smith, an African-American cab driver, was violently beaten by members of the Newark police… Read More
By Hannah Hetzer
Next week, Uruguay will begin sales of legal marijuana for adult residents. The marijuana legalization proposal was put forward by former President José Mujica in 2012 as part of a comprehensive package aimed at… Read More
By Jag Davies
Half of all adults in the U.S. have used an illegal drug at some point.   If this was your loved one, family member or friend, would they deserve to be arrested, jailed, and face a lifetime of punishment and… Read More