Drug Policy Alliance Blog

By Jolene Forman
New Report Calls for More Research to Better Understand the Effects of Drug Use on Driving A new report on drug-impaired driving finds that the relationship between a drug’s presence in the body and its effect on… Read More
By Diana Davila
“They’re bringing drugs” is what Donald Trump said about Mexican immigrants like me during his campaign. While there is a lot to say about his remarks, today I want to talk about his proposed solution for… Read More
By Mike Nguy
When one thinks of science, it is common to think of lab coats, test tubes, and molecules. Our perception of the sciences is shaped largely by the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, math, etc. - the “hard”… Read More
By Tony Newman
Twenty years ago today, one of the most memorable ads of all time was launched, when Rachael Leigh Cook and her frying pan starting smashing up eggs in her infamous, “This is Your Brain on Drugs” ad. Today, on 4/… Read More
By Virginia Purcell
For those who live in states that have legalized marijuana, please celebrate responsibly and enjoy your legal weed today, but also remember to think of those who can’t. Today is a day of celebration for many, although… Read More
By Lynne Lyman
The Drug Policy Alliance had another successful day in the California state legislature, with two more bills passing through the first house committee, AB 1578 and SB 180. These bills join the agenda with two others bills… Read More
By Jules Netherland, PhD and Sheila Vakharia, PhD
American drug policies have a problem – they’ve been driven by fear rather than facts for over a century. Although there had been notable gains over the past eight years towards more evidence-based drug policy,… Read More
By Michelle Wright
Atlanta residents advocating for criminal justice reform have seen little improvement. In Georgia, drug and property convictions account for 60 percent of Georgia’s prison population, compared to the national average… Read More
By Stefanie Jones
It isn’t all that often that we get a chance to pull apart the drug war.  We have one of those rare opportunities approaching – on April 18 the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) is holding a public hearing… Read More
By Bill Piper
President Donald Trump is expected to soon nominate Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) to be director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (colloquially referred to as the “drug czar”). Marino, a former prosecutor… Read More