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Desperate for Relief

Yearning to reduce both his own suffering and the burden MS has placed on his family, Charles Kwiatkowski decided to try medical marijuana.

Charles has great doctors and a loving family to support him through his illness, but his struggle with Multiple Sclerosis has been complicated by muscle spasms, pain, nausea, and facial neuralgia that none of his medications relieved.

He recalls, "I was hesitant about trying marijuana, worried about how or where I would get it, but I was desperate for relief. I couldn't stand the pain. I wanted to be the husband and father my wife and three girls deserve. It worked. As a result of the relief medical marijuana provides me, I can do things that a normal 37 year-old can do, like cook dinner for my wife and give my three-year old a piggyback ride."

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Charles' wife remembers the difference medical marijuana made in her family's life: "It was horrible to watch my husband suffer and difficult to explain to our children why 'Daddy' was in pain all the time. Besides being ineffective, his prescribed medicines were extremely costly and had side effects that were worse than some of his symptoms. Medical marijuana has dramatically improved Charles' life and ours."


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