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Sean McGrath's Story

Sean McGrath was 28 years old when he died from a rare form of cancer. Sean had great doctors, a loving family and friends to support him during his illness. But Sean’s struggle was made more difficult because none of the available medications worked to relieve his terrible nausea and vomiting.

Desperate for relief, Sean tried medical marijuana. Sean’s father Don explained, “When one of his doctors recommended he try marijuana for the pain and the nausea, he was initially resistant, but he realized he had to do something. It was a bad situation; he was down to 97 pounds. He didn't know where to get any, but some of his friends did. It worked. It made the other drugs effective because he could actually keep them down long enough for them to work."

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Tell Gov. Christie to expand access to medical marijuana

But because New Jersey is not among the states that allow legal access to marijuana for medical purposes, Sean and those who loved him were forced to risk arrest in order to ease his suffering. No patient, no family, no loved one should be forced to live in fear of arrest simply because they want to ease terrible suffering.

Why should New Jersey allow seriously ill patients access to medical marijuana?

Because it’s the compassionate and the common sense response to suffering.

Help ease suffering in New Jersey. Join the Compassionate Use Campaign. For more information call 609-396-8613 or visit our website at:

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