Office of National Affairs

Emerging as the most credible and influential critic of federal drug policies in the capital, our Washington, D.C. office develops and advances federal drug policy reform, educates policymakers on harm reduction principles and builds strategic alliances.
The office exists to challenge the punitive laws that provide the framework for our nation's war on drugs. We develop drug reform proposals, lobby federal policy-makers, build political coalitions, and mobilize voters to pressure their representatives. The office has established a network of Congressional staffers interested in reform; testified in front of the U.S. Sentencing Commission in favor of eliminating the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity and in opposition to raising penalties for Ecstasy; challenged the drug czar’s public policies in the national media; developed an increasingly powerful grassroots network to pressure policy-makers; and worked to make medical marijuana, federal drug sentencing reform, and protection of electronic music national issues.
Staff face three key challenges: (1) to counter the ongoing hostility and extremism of the current administration and their powerful allies in Congress; (2) to track, prioritize and respond efficiently to the large volume of federal legislation affecting drug policy, and (3) to bring state level drug policy reform victories such as ballot initiatives and legislation to bear on Congress.