Are You a Music Fan?

We love to go out to music festivals and clubs. We listen, we dance, we connect with friends. And whether or not we use alcohol or other drugs, we know they’re a part of our scene.

We Want Real Talk About Drug Use

The truth is, all drug use carries potential risks – and pleasures. And we know zero tolerance policies and arrests don’t stop people from using drugs. We want people to have honest, accurate information to stay safe. So we can all enjoy the music and have fun.

TRANSFORM: Getting drugs under control @transformdrugs

Know the Risks

After the death of a young woman at the 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, the event promoter, local public health department and DJs like Kaskade, A-Trak, Steve Aoki, of Black Eyed Peas and Tommie Sunshine got together make this PSA with harm reduction guidelines for ecstasy (MDMA or molly). We think it hits the right tone. 

Where’s It Working?

New Zealand's Regulated Legal High Market – New Zealand will now allow new psychoactive substances to be sold once they have passed a series of health and safety tests, making it the first legal recreational drug market in the world. Read More >>

Europe’s Nightlife Empowerment Project – NEW-Net brings together groups working in several different countries to share information about health-first services like onsite drug checking. Read More >>

See safer use projects in other countries >>

Education + Safer Use = Fewer Deaths

How You Can Help

  1. Join other Music Fans & make your voice heard

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  2. Educate yourself & others about drugs & safer use
  3. Help people in the real world Volunteer with DanceSafe Volunteer with AMPLIFY

DPA’s Stance

DPA envisions a future where no festivalgoer or club attendee is searched or arrested for drug possession, where club owners act in the interest of their patrons’ health without fear of prosecution, where individual drug checking kits are widely available and no longer considered drug paraphernalia, and where onsite drug education, harm reduction, mental health and high-level drug checking services are standard at events.