I Am a Woman


As girls and women of all ages, particularly mothers, we know that the punitive monitoring, arrest and sentencing practices of the drug war are our problems, too. In many ways, we face additional penalties and punishments for drug use (whether problematic or not) for failing to be “good” women.
The stigma against women who use drugs or who are even suspected of using drugs can be debilitating. It is even more difficult for women of color and of fewer means. But we know that the stigmatization and marginalization of women do not promote healthy, strong families or communities. 
We work to promote judgment-free approaches that center on individual, family and community wellbeing, because these do the most good for the most people at the most affordable cost – in terms of both dollars and lives. Together, we strive to protect the authority of women over our own bodies and minds and to exercise our rights to keep our families together.

Women and Families

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