Drug Trafficking in Latin America

In June 2011, as part of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, the former presidents of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico spoke out about the damage that punitive drug policies are inflicting on their countries. And in early 2012, the president of Guatemala called for a debate on alternatives to the war on drugs, an idea that quickly received support from other leaders in Latin America, including the current presidents of Colombia and Costa Rica.

Since then, the failure of the war on drugs and alternatives to current strategies have been discussed at three significant events: at a meeting of Central American leaders in Guatemala, at the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, and at the World Economic Forum for Latin America in Mexico.

DPA has been deeply involved in these developments in Latin America – advising leaders and high-level officials, providing them with research and information to support their proposals, and appearing in dozens of US and Latin American media outlets to contextualize these developments.

DPA is committed to ensuring that the taboo on discussing decriminalization is broken, that a well-informed and comprehensive debate on alternative drug polices continues, and that the US recognizes the legitimacy and necessity of this dialogue. DPA supports exploring all drug policy options – including legal regulation and decriminalization – to reduce the violence, crime and suffering in the region.