Eunisses Hernandez

Policy Coordinator

Eunisses Hernandez is a policy coordinator with the Los Angeles office of the Drug Policy Alliance. Eunisses works to support forward-thinking policies and organizes community groups to pass legislation to promote alternatives to incarceration, drug decriminalization, sentencing reforms and other criminal justice reforms.

An advocate for social justice and racial equity and a champion for civic engagement, Eunisses has lobbied for and implemented key California ballot measures, including the historic marijuana legalization initiative Proposition 64 and the felony reclassification initiative Proposition 47. She also lobbied for California’s successful passage of civil asset forfeiture reform legislation in 2016. Most recently, she successfully led the campaign to eliminate key sentencing enhancements by passing the RISE Act in 2017.

Currently, Eunisses is a member of the LA County LEAD Policy Committee, which advises the government of LA County on its efforts to implement Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion. She is an alumnus of the Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) County program and she is currently a policy fellow for the WPI State program, where she works on developing community-based alternatives to incarceration.  She has testified in numerous legislative and government bodies in Los Angeles County and statewide on drug policy and criminal justice reform.  Eunisses also organizes monthly free post-conviction relief clinics throughout southern California that remove some of the collateral consequences and re-entry barriers for people impacted by the criminal justice system and the drug war. 

A native of Los Angeles, Eunisses comes to DPA with experience in re-entry services, assisting those impacted by the criminal justice system by helping them obtain employment and supportive services.   She received her BA from California State University, Long Beach, where she majored in criminal justice.

Eunisses is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and currently resides in Highland Park. When not working on ending the war on drugs or dismantling the criminal justice system, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her two dogs, Lola and Cookie.