Communicating Research through Visual Abstracts


In this webinar, Dr. Joel Topf will discuss the use of visual abstracts to communicate scientific research over social media. The purpose of visual abstracts is to distill the nuance and complexity of a study to a few panels and simple graphics. Visual abstracts expand the reach of scientific research, enabling key findings to extend to audiences beyond that particular academic discipline. Dr. Topf will discuss the history and scientific research on visual abstracts and then show how to design and create your own visual abstract.


Dr. Joel Topf is a pioneer in using social media for medical education. He has been running his blog Precious Bodily Fluids for eleven years. He co-created the longest running Twitter journal club, NephJC, which regularly brings together nephrologists from around the world to discuss scientific papers. He has a large Twitter following and is a regular guest on the internal medicine podcast, the Curbsiders. He was awarded the Robert G. Narins Award for innovation in medical education by the American Society of Nephrology and has given talks on the use of social media in medical education in seven countries. He creates visual abstracts for six different medical journals and organizations.