How to Design and Rapidly Disseminate Policy-relevant Research: The Case of the FORECAST Study on Fentanyl Exposure


The gap between research and policy can be wide, and with urgent problems in drug policy, such as the rapid increase in fentanyl deaths over the last several years, it is more important than ever that our policy responses reflect the most evidence-based, up-to-date research.

In their roles as principal investigator and study director of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s FORECAST study on fentanyl exposure, Drs. Susan Sherman and Ju Park published cutting-edge research on fentanyl detection technologies. Drs. Sherman and Park will discuss how they design policy-relevant research, quickly and effectively disseminate findings, and ensure that conclusions reach policymakers and the media. They will describe the impact of the FORECAST study and offer suggestions for how researchers at various career levels can best present their findings to ensure the greatest possible policy influence.


Ju Nyeong Park, PhD, Assistant Scientist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Susan Sherman, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health