Taking Your Research to the Next Level: Talk to Your Statistician Early and Often


You and your brilliant research team have just developed a set of ground-breaking questions about drugs and drug policy. You're ready to conquer the world and save it all at once. But, first things first. You'll need to construct a robust research design and match it with the most powerful and reliable statistical modeling technique if you want to actually answer those ground-breaking questions.

This webinar, featuring experienced statistician Peter Flom, will introduce under-utilized analytical techniques to help you think outside the box. He'll also talk about how to improve the presentation of your data so that it is tailored to your audience. The webinar will conclude with a review of some common statistical fallacies and data analysis pitfalls. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session at the end.

Please send us your research and/or data analysis questions ahead of time to help shape the webinar content. Send your queries to Sheila Vakharia at svakharia@drugpolicy.org.


Peter Flom is an independent statistical consultant. He worked for a decade for NDRI and has long been interested in drug policy. He now works for graduate students and researchers in the medical, social and behavioral sciences.