Methamphetamine: Fact vs. Fiction and Lessons from the Crack Hysteria

New York, NY

The rise in methamphetamine use has provoked a barrage of misinformation and reckless policies, such as mandatory minimum sentences, increased penalties for minor offenders, and major restrictions against certain medicines.

The Open Society Foundations host an expert panel to explore illicit methamphetamine use and its consequences, including alarmist propaganda and the flawed policies that have followed. The event will also look at humane approaches to methamphetamine users and smarter drug policies.

This event will celebrate the release of the latest report by Columbia University psychology professor Carl Hart, titled Methamphetamine Dangers Exaggerated.


  • Professor Carl Hart, Columbia University
  • Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance, Director of National Affairs
  • Holly Catania, Drug Policy, Law and Health Consultant
  • Howard Josepher, President and CEO, Exponents
  • Marykate O’Neil, Columbia University (Moderator)

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Location: Open Society Foundations – New York

Sponsored by: Global Drug Policy Program