New Solutions Campaign Meeting

Newark, NJ

Bethany Baptist Church is sponsoring a breakfast and community organizing event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. focused on supporting the below pieces of legislation.

  • Senate Bill 946 / Assembly Bill 1910 requires all arrestees to undergo a risk assessment, replaces the money bail system with non-monetary release options and pretrial supervision and takes the profit motive out of the pretrial justice system by eliminating for-profit bond agencies.
  • Senate Bill 677 will streamline the parole system by allowing nonviolent offenders to be released on their first parole eligibility date provided that they have committed no serious disciplinary infractions and participated in rehabilitation programs while incarcerated.
  • Senate Bill 1977 will reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana from a criminal offense to a civil fine, similar to a parking ticket. Doing so will save money, alleviate pressure on overburdened municipal courts and enhance public safety by focusing limited law enforcement resources on serious offenses.
  • The Community Safety and Fair Sentencing Act restores judicial discretion to waive the harsh mandatory sentencing enhancement for certain repeat drug offenders.

Together we can create a fairer and more effective system and save taxpayer money!


Bethany Baptist Church
275 W. Market St.
Newark, NJ 07103

Please RSVP to Brenda Galarza at bgalarza@bethany-newark.org or the phone number above.