Past Events

The Drug Policy Alliance hosts many events, ranging from educational conferences to gala fundraisers to discussion forums and activist rallies. Our members and allies play a key role in making these events a success. Learn more about DPA's past events and ways for you to get involved.

International Drug Policy Reform Conferences

The International Drug Policy Reform Conference, also known as the Reform Conference, is the leading gathering of people who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Every two years in odd-numbered years this meeting brings together the whole spectrum of people from across the country and around the world working on drug policy reform issues. It began in the 1990s as an academically-focused conference and in 2001 it transformed into the activist-oriented meeting it is today. With three days filled with panels, trainings, networking meetings and an awards ceremony for those working in the field, the Reform Conference is simply the best opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of drug policy and mobilize for reform.

Learn more about past Reform Conference events.

New Directions Conferences

New Directions conferences are regionally-based, free one-day meetings where the content focus is what comes after the drug war. Each meeting has three main goals. First is to facilitate an evolution in thinking about innovative approaches to drug policy. Second is to form new collaborative relationships across disciplines and propel hands-on reform at the local level. And third is to leverage the local debate and action so it has a national impact. New Directions conferences ultimately function as an organizing tool, a means to starting conversations with different people, bringing them together to share perspectives on optimal drug policies, and hatching concrete plans for action.

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re:FORM Art Auctions

re:FORM is the Drug Policy Alliance's signature fundraising event. It began in 2005, when DPA reached out to New York's community of artists, many of whom have had personal experience or inspiration relating to drug use, addiction or the hypocrisy of the drug war, about collaborating to advance reform efforts. re:FORM represents a growing partnership between the art world and the drug policy reform movement, bringing together people interested in the creative arts and promoting profound social change.

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Other Events

DPA occasionally holds educational conferences, forums or fundraising events in response to a particular topic or regional need. Learn more about the course of our work and issue focus over the years by checking out these events.

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