Regulating Cannabis: Options for Control in the 21st Century

Regulating Cannabis: Options for Control in the 21st Century
Regents College, London, England
September 5, 1998

Introductions and Welcome
Alison Downie and Mike Goodman, Release

State of the World: Cannabis Control Across Countries
Ethan Nadelmann, The Lindesmith Center

Options for Reform: An Overview
Eric Single, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

How Flexible are the UN Single Conventions? Implications for Cannabis Control
Krysztof Krajewski, Jagiellonian University

Panel 1: Courts, Constitutions and Judicial Decisions
Moderator: Dan Abrahamson

Panel 2: Political and Cultural Conditions for Reform
Moderator: Harry Levine

Practice and Proposals for the Regulation, Distribution and Sale of Cannabis
Moderator: Ethan Nadelmann

Panel 3: Regulation Under Prohibition
Moderator: Ethan Nadelmann

Evaluating Reform
Moderator: Ethan Nadelmann

Panel 4: Evaluating Various Cannabis Models
Moderator: Robin Room

Panel 5: Regulating Legal Markets
Moderator: Mike Goodman

Summary and Conclusions
Alex Wodak, St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney