The Drug Policy Alliance does not have an office in Hawaii, but we are proud to support state and local partners that are working for drug policy reform. 

Allied Organization


Legislative Campaigns

SB 1460, Relating to Marijuana: Makes the adult possession of one ounce or less of marijuana subject to a civil fine rather than the current criminal penalty of a petty misdemeanor.

SB 58, Relating to Medical Cannabis: Makes changes to the current medical use of marijuana program. The changes have been requested by patients to make the program more patient-friendly and to increase their access to their medicine.

(No bill number) Support the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries.

SB 175, Relating to Health: Transfers jurisdiction over the medical marijuana program from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Health.

HB 416, Relating to Medical Amnesty: Provides limited legal immunity for individuals who seek medical assistance for victims of drug overdoses.

Other Campaigns

Justice Reinvestment: Identifying programs and policies that would use funds more effectively than they are now.

We will convene forums during the year on various drug policy issues, especially ending the war on drugs and decriminalizing the possession of marijuana.

Get Involved

For all of the above, email testimony for hearings. Join our email list on our website to receive hearing information and instructions on how to send in testimony.