Constitutional Protections

One of the most dangerous drug law enforcement tactics is the routine use of paramilitary-style SWAT raids to execute search warrants in nonviolent drug cases, often misdemeanors.  DPA is working to raise public awareness about these home invasions and to eliminate federal grant programs that create incentives for police to rely on increasingly aggressive tactics.
In 2010, DPA released four reports on marijuana arrests, one focusing on New York City and the other three on California.  The reports detail how arrest quotas encourage police to disproportionately target young black and brown men for marijuana possession using deceptive search tactics. We are now continuing our efforts to draw attention to racially disproportionate marijuana law enforcement and to end arrest policies that encourage questionable searches and racial profiling.
Mandatory drug testing, conducted by employers, schools and hospitals without evidence or suspicion, expose people from all walks of life to discrimination and lifelong punitive consequences.  DPA is working to curtail harmful drug testing programs, with a particular focus on protecting vulnerable populations like students, pregnant women, people receiving public assistance, and people on parole and probation.