Law Enforcement - Know Your Constitutional Rights

Your constitutional rights still apply, even in the context of drug law enforcement. It is easy to become nervous or flustered in the presence of a police officer, so knowing your rights while under pressure is very important. You can be sure that law enforcement will not spell out your constitutional rights for you, and may even trick you into unwittingly waiving your rights. When you are educated, you can assert your rights while treating officers calmly and with respect. Get empowered with these resources:
Videos that walk you through how to handle a police encounter, including the two-minute movie, "10 Rules for Dealing with Police," which focuses on the concerns of communities of color. The website's FAQ section includes information on police misconduct, myths about police encounters, your rights when traveling, and more.
Addresses what constitutional rights you have when you are stopped, questioned, arrested, or searched by law enforcement officers. Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, French and Farsi.