Mariela Alburges

Manager, Advocacy Grants Program

Mariela G. Alburges is the Manager of the Advocacy Grants program within the Grants, Partners, and Special Projects department. She joined DPA in September 2017.

For over 15 years, Mariela has been committed to movement building, leadership and organizational capacity development around issues of socioeconomic justice, interpersonal/institutionalized gender violence, and reproductive justice. Her path has brought her to work in collaboration with Indigenous, Black and Immigrant communities in the U.S., Latin America and East Africa who in diverse and often parallel ways continue to resist policies of forced displacement and political disenfranchisement. She is deeply committed to augmenting the visibility, reclaiming the legitimacy and adapting the tools/lessons learned from economic solidarity systems in which women are core decision-makers and active participants. 

In her capacity as Advocacy Grants Manager, Mariela oversees all aspects of DPA's Promoting Policy Change and Special Opportunities grants programs. She is humbled by the opportunity to learn from and support innovative ways in which communities are working in solidarity to denounce and repair the harms inflicted upon them by the drug war. Mariela continues to build and grow with DPA's Partner Network where she is committed to connecting partners across the country to resources, space for collective strategizing and broader and more intentional community engagement. She also brings her logistical expertise and creative vision to support the development and execution of special projects with the aim of promoting resource and experience sharing, narrative shifting and collective actions.

Mariela is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela and spent her formative years in Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with a focus in asset-based community economic development from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Bachelors in Latin American and Gender Studies from Wellesley College.

Advocacy Grants Program