Stories from the Movement

James DiGiovannantonio: My Son's Story
My wife and I lost our son, Marc, to an accidental prescription drug overdose. I am speaking out now because I want Marc’s story to help others.
Don and Gerry McGrath's Story
Our son Sean used medical marijuana to relieve the awful symptoms and side effects associated with his cancer and treatment.
Scott Ward's Story
Scott Ward suffers from multiple sclerosis. Medical marijuana alleviates many of his MS symptoms that before were unmanageable.
Sean McGrath's Story
Sean's struggle with a rare form of cancer caused terrible nausea and vomiting. Desperate for relief, Sean tried medical marijuana.
911 Good Samaritan Laws: Reducing Fear, Saving Lives
I’ve spent the last decade working to help others treat people who use drugs with compassion, as one would with any other health condition.
Irvina Booker's Story
None of the medication Irvina’s doctors prescribed for multiple sclerosis alleviated her severe muscle spasm pain -- but medical marijuana helps.
Carole's Story
Carole’s son Martin died from injection-related AIDS when he was 33. People can recover from drug addiction. There is no cure for AIDS.
Kim Farinick: My Daughter's Story
I lost my daughter to a drug overdose. Society doesn’t like to talk about drugs, addiction and overdose, but this is a problem we can't ignore.
David Dolan: My Story
 I overdosed four times and was lucky to have survived. Often, the people I was using drugs with would not call for an ambulance for fear of arrest.
Patty DiRenzo: My Son's Story
I lost my son, and my grandson lost his Daddy, because someone was afraid to call 911.
Blake Marchese: My Brother's Story
At his most vulnerable times, Sal was turned away from numerous treatment programs that we had worked together to find.
We are the Drug Policy Alliance
Sting, George Soros and Montel Williams agree: our drug policies must be grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.
A Mother Speaks Out
With a Mama-bear mentality, I seek to alter what we know must be changed. I believe that we mothers are the silent majority.
Desperate for Relief
Yearning to reduce both his own suffering and the burden MS has placed on his family, Charles Kwiatkowski decided to try medical marijuana.
Every Life Matters
A young woman struggles to cope with the death of her father, who was infected with AIDS as a result of injection drug use.
A Victim Becomes an Activist
The life of a nurse and devoted mother of three was changed forever when Alabama state police raided her home for drugs.