Press Release

Prop 36 Grads Give Back

San Diegans Who Benefited From Drug Treatment Under the Law Call for Legislators

Margaret Dooley at (858) 336 3685 or Gretchen Burns Bergman at (619) 670 1184
SAN DIEGO - Graduates of Proposition 36, California's treatment-instead-of-incarceration law, met with legislators in the greater San Diego area today to ask for their continued support of the program. Funding for Prop 36 drug treatment will expire on June 30, 2006, unless it is reallocated in the state budget due out in summer.

Today the grads shared their success stories with staff in eight San Diego legislators' offices, including Senators Christine Kehoe and Dennis Hollingsworth. Prop 36 graduates also shared their criminal justice and recovery experiences at several assembly members' offices, including George Plescia, Mark Wyland, Shirley Horton, Juan Vargas, Lori Salda