Californians Talk about Overdose

Californians from across the state talk about the impact overdose has had on their lives and the need to implement effective, low-cost solutions right away.

Solutions such as expanded access to the opiate overdose reversal medicine naloxone and ‘911 Good Samaritan’ laws are just two ways California can reduce overdose fatalities.
Paul Sousa - Rehab Counselor, Sacramento
"You never know when people are right there on the verge of turning their lives around."
John McCarthy - Medical & Executive Director, Bi-Valley Medical Clinic, Sacramento
"It's very important that people that see an overdose, feel like they can call 911."


Heather Edney - Behavioral Health Consultant, Los Angeles
"It's such an honor to see people get a second chance in life, to see the lights come on again."
Denise & Gary Cullen - Lost Their Son Jeff To Overdose
"We are at a crisis point of overdoses in California, and many of those overdoses lead to death because people are too afraid to call for help."


Tom Ammiano - California State Assembly Member
"Advocating for this bill comes out of care...that a person will not die needlessly...because of this lack of protection for someone who reports it."
Drug Overdose