Reforming Marijuana Laws

The prohibition of marijuana is an utter failure. The United States wastes billions of dollars enforcing marijuana laws even for low-level offenses, incarcerating and penalizing marijuana users, and denying seriously ill patients access to beneficial treatment.
Prohibitionist laws have led to unprecedented levels of violence and corruption, while marijuana remains widely consumed and almost universally available to young people. 
Even as public opinion has shifted in favor of marijuana law reform, arrests for marijuana possession have swollen over the last decade, with disproportionate targeting of blacks and Latinos at the heart of that enforcement surge. Get more facts about marijuana policies, or learn how marijuana works.

Marijuana Reform Advocacy

The Drug Policy Alliance advocates for the elimination of criminal penalties for the adult use of marijuana, the creation of a legal regulatory market for the production and distribution of marijuana, and the establishment of laws that provide and protect access to medical marijuana by patients. 
DPA’s reform advocacy includes drafting and promoting state and federal marijuana laws, managing state-based ballot initiative campaigns, aggressive, high-profile media work, and providing legal, policy, and communications resources and expertise to patients, activists, journalists, litigators, and elected officials.
We supply honest, evidence-based information and analysis about the realities and consequences of marijuana prohibition, the potential social and health effects of marijuana use, the current scientific and medical research, and smart policy alternatives to the failed prohibitionist approach.

Key Marijuana Reform Issues