DPA Staff Presentations at the 2013 California NORML Conference

Several DPA staff members spoke as panelists at California NORML's 2013 conference on January 26-27 in San Francisco. The conference explored the history, causes and costs of marijuana prohibition -- and strategies for ending it.

  • Stephen Gutwillig, DPA’s Deputy Executive Director of Programs, discusses what’s next for marijuana reform with MPP’s Rob Kampia and NORML’s Paul Armentano.
  • Tamar Todd, Senior Staff Attorney at DPA, discusses likely federal responses to the initiatives passed by voters in Colorado and Washington.  Additional panelists include Alison Holcomb (ACLU-WA), Mason Tvert (MPP), Graham Boyd and Richard Lee.
  • Marsha Rosenbaum, Director Emerita of DPA’s San Francisco office, offers her thoughts on how to grow our movement by inviting parents into the conversation.  Additional panelists include Deborah Small, (Breaking the Chains), Ann Lee (RAMP), Kyndra Miller, Nate Bradley (LEAP) and Stacia Cosner (SSDP).
  • Amanda Reiman, DPA’s California Policy Manager, strategizes with Beau Kilner (RAND), Dale Sky Jones (Oaksterdam University), Joe Rogway and John Gilmore about California’s next initiative to legally regulate marijuana.
Reducing the Harms of Marijuana Prohibition
Marijuana Legalization and Regulation