The Government is Abiding by the Constitutional Court Ruling to Establish a Minimum Dose of Synthetic Drugs

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Cartagena, January 31 – The President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos said on Thursday that the proposal to decriminalize low doses of synthetic drugs was made pursuant to a mandate of the Constitutional Court. “All that the government is doing is regulating something that is an order of the Constitutional Court,” said Santos. He made this statement in Cartagena during the launch of the Comprehensive Security Plan for the Bolivar department.

He explained that those who speak falsely about the proposal “divert the message and say that the government is selling drugs and encouraging the use of drugs in children. Lies!” Santos said that the proposal of the Minister of Justice and Law, Ruth Stella Correa, on synthetic drugs is in line with a Constitutional Court ruling, which was to “determine what is the minimum dose above which the police cannot put someone in jail for possession. Already we have determined the minimum dose of cocaine and marijuana; we are lacking the minimum dose for synthetic drugs,” said Santos.

Santos said that this lack of clarification was causing confusion among the authorities. “If the police find someone with two pills in their pocket, the first thing they have to figure out is whether they are pills of a legal or illegal drug. Suppose that it is illegal, they then have to go to an expert to tell them what kind of illegal drug it is and they then have to go to a doctor to determine what kind of effects this type of drug can have on the person,” said Santos. Therefore, Santos said the Minister “determines or proposes that three pills of this illegal synthetic drug are considered the minimum dose. It could be 2 or it could be 4 but the doctors say 3, therefore we are suggesting 3.”

“I am asking all the mothers and fathers, and I have a very clear answer, I will tell them: if – and I hope to God this never happens – I have two sons and a daughter, and if the police find them with a minimum dose of whatever drug what would I prefer? That they are put in jail or that they are brought to a rehabilitation center? I prefer and it is better for society for them to be brought to rehabilitation centers. This is the underlying dilemma,” concluded Santos.

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