Indiana HIV outbreak: At the crossroads of harm reduction - The way forward

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This past year, Scott County in Southeastern Indiana was rocked with a rising epidemic of over 150+ new HIV and HCV infections among people who use drugs. Government, public health and community members mobilized and mounted a response in a scramble to contain the outbreak of HIV and prevent further spread in a vulnerable community. As a result, this response brought renewed energy and discussion on the value of syringe exchange programming as a vital harm reduction and high-impact prevention strategy.

This webinar originally broadcast on Aug. 6, discussed the lessons learned and a way forward following the HIV outbreak that shook Scott County. Bringing together on-the-ground perspectives, this webinar will gave an overview and update on the outbreak in Southeastern Indiana, current activities and coordination among various groups, and how harm reduction approaches for people who use drugs have been central to the response.

Presenters included:

  • Dan Bigg, Executive Director, Chicago Recovery Alliance
  • Beth Meyerson, Co-Director, Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention, Indiana University
  • Jamie Roberts, Program Director, Step-Up, Inc.
  • Moderator: Bill McColl, Director of Health Policy, AIDS United

This is a special additional webinar to a three-part webinar series: Innovative frameworks for expanding access to harm reduction. Check out part one of this webinar series and watch the full video: Harm Reduction and Human Rights: Strategies on expanding harm reduction through human rights

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