Juanes is in favor of decriminalizing drugs


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The war against drug trafficking in Mexico, which has left over 47,000 dead in the last five years, is a lost war until drugs are decriminalized and the Mexican government treats it as an education and public health issue, said the Colombian singer Juanes.

“I definitely think that legalization of drugs would help end the violence caused by organized crime. The history that Colombia has lived through with drug trafficking is very difficult, there have been over 30 years of rivers of blood, the violence has degenerated…it would be very difficult to understand why Mexico must pass through the same process that we live through in my country,” said the musician in an interview in Mexico City.

Juanes said that Colombia has a moral authority to talk about strategies against drugs because it is a country that has faced a frontal war on organized crime and terrorism since the 1980s.

“Things must change and decriminalization of drugs is part of the process. The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and the former presidents Cesar Gaviria and Vicente Fox have approached the subject of legalization of drugs more openly. This issue was even echoed at the Summit of the Americas,” said the 39 year old musician.

Juanes said that “the strategy must change and it cannot be to punish with repression.”

He said that in the face of a panorama of violence and dysfunctional drug strategies, movements such as Javier Sicilia’s, Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, and the initiative Peace without Borders, which the singer heads with other international figures raise awareness to demand from authorities a life without violence.

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